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Today’s entry is a couple of short stories written by someone I met randomly one day.  I was working on this blog and they asked what I was writing.  Being the very out person I am (even with strangers), I answered that I write a kink blog and was working on entries for that.  We got into an interesting conversation on the subject, and I offered that if he wanted to write anything for the blog I was taking submissions.  Soon after I was presented with these two stories.  I hope you enjoy this stranger’s thoughts on kink, sex, and (just a little bit) me!

To Breathe and Being,
~ Karin



Balin the Virgin

written by Anonymous

Gauguin's "Death of a Virgin"

Gauguin’s “Death of a Virgin”

Balin is a 35 year-old Virgin. He has a birthday coming up… but does not plan on losing his virginity before this auspicious date. Or on it. He doubts it will ever happen for him. Most likely it started out as a religious thing, fire and brimstone, thought of himself as a good kid, wanted to do the right thing, afraid to upset anyone, afraid of intimacy.

He might be wrong.

Maybe he’s not a virgin.

Do fingers count? Are they so different from penis? What about not so dry humping? Sarah was in her panties and Balin in his boxers. She was flooding. He was like, this is surely just as unsafe… for him… as unsafe sex.

“I’m so wet,” she said.

His penis rubbed the mystical boundary between her pussy lips. Did this not count as sex because of the thin layer of fabric between their parts? Her panties had come off. Maybe he’s not a virgin.

I am. He maintains. To not be a virgin one full insertion is required.

Though it’s hard for him to justify why this particular insertion should command such mystical significance. However, it does. It has defined his life, the impossibility of fully encountering someone, the punishment for so doing.

“Everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” Matthew 5:28

If that’s true, Balin is definitely not a virgin.

Digital versus penile. Photon versus penile. Digital versus photon. Ogres have layers. Onions have layers. What if you close your eyes and breathe on it? The line where Sarah begins and Balin ends feels arbitrary when postulating virginity and making it your life story.

This is my life story.

I am Balin.

How deep can I go?


Balin and Porn

written by Anonymous

Ever since his lap top died, last April, Balin had not seen porn. Not that he didn’t try to find it on his iPad. However the sites he had become accustomed to visiting did not seem to work, and he had found no alternatives.

Without porn available, Balin turned to YouTube for aid on his quest to get off.

Ironically this censored environment opened up a world of fetish that Balin might not have otherwise discovered. Before he had been mostly satisfied with traditional porn, though had also glimpsed bondage and machine sex scenes. On YouTube he discovered JOI, CEI, oily dance, POV hand jobs by sudsy Japanese girls in bathtubs, balloon fetish, foot fetish, stocking fetish, sucking bananas, sucking lollipops, teens who could not possibly be 18 dancing in their underwear, cleavage in bouncing cars, nipple slips, and people imitating the sex act with their own belly fat or other objects that once he realized were not actual cocks and pussies became insulting. Not to mention international car show go-go girls, dominatrices demanding tribute, and hot girls who turn out to be men… always alarming for the mildly homophobic (when it came to his own position on the spectrum) Balin.

All this ended for him last night, when he discovered free porn sites once again open to him on his iPad. Not just the thirty second clips to which he had become accustomed, but full twenty-five minute episodes of his favorite porn star, Lucy Lee, in her first ever sex scene and her first ever anal scene. He was saddened to learn of her recent car accident and the time she spent in jail for drunk driving. However, after some time, all that repetitive thrusting became boring.

Instead he found the kinkiest, uncensored JOI he head ever seen.

After his extended hiatus into the perversions of YouTube, Balin returns to the less restricted world of XXX armed with new genres to explore. Thus his continued virginity seems assured… and more twisted than ever… in a form far from the purity and innocence with which virginity is often ascribed.

Balin daydreams wistfully, that UnAmerika’s Sweetheart Karin Webb mourns his isolated and marginalized existence and raises her fist at porn. Nevertheless, cowardly twisted Balin locks himself away, alone, deep in his lair in Moria. A narrow shaft of iPad light his only connection to the outside world of kink and fetish that other people share and could await him too. Might Karin find a way to reach him there?

This is my life story.

I am Balin.

How deep can I go?


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