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I feel really great in my body these days. I wish I'd known sooner what hormones could do for me. The experience of enjoying my physical body in the mirror and under my own fingertips rather than … [Read On You Crazy Diamonds...]

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It’s About to Rain

It's about to rain and I am leaving my house soon. Thunder is cracking. The heat and humidity has … [Show Me Just a Little Bit More...]

T is for TRUST

Lately I have been feeling growth uncurl within me. A number of "I want tos" and "I wish I coulds" … [Article Link...]

New Love: Latex

L is for Latex, R is for Rubber Bands (ouch), B is for Balloons — last weekend's activities smelled … [Read More...]

I, Creature

My new name, bestowed upon me this weekend by The Baroness, is Crea, short for Creature. … [Article Link...]

Domineering Brutish Communication

Is rampant on social media... Makes me want to cry when I'm pre-menstrual... Is extremely … [Article Link...]


I am the barren uterus and the fertile hands Touching your parts Your heart Your anxieties when … [Article Link...]

Looking Back:


Announcement: I am a few days into my first T shot! Some background: About a year ago I was set … [Please Sir, May I Have Another...]

Love Letter

You are the point in the center of a circle. Everything inside the circle is what you know. The … [Article Link...]

Power of Right and Wrong

We all like different things. While there are a lot of objects, experiences, activities, places, … [Article Link...]

Finding Work

Attending a strip club on the arm of a new friend where we enjoy our evening watching one another … [Article Link...]

Something New

I am having a hard time writing this post because I feel vulnerable. I'm excited and I want to tell … [Article Link...]


I really enjoy homework. Homework is a creative prompt with which I aim to please my partner. … [Article Link...]

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