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Dear Creature: Large Hands for Fisting

I want to fist but I'm told my hands are too big. What can I do? ~ Big Hand in the Bush Hi there BHitB, Thank you for the question. First, I ask you to consider that sexual and sensual acts … [Read On You Crazy Diamonds...]

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This week I'm immersed in a lot of things. The theme seems to be sensuality — a meditation on … [Show Me Just a Little Bit More...]


If you've spent any time around me you might have noticed that I smell everything. I touch … [Article Link...]

Telly from Sesame Street

Telly from Sesame Street, remember? Most people don't. He was the purple monster (I think I learned … [Read More...]

Slut boy

Recently there was a week that I needed to do a lot of work on the computer... (not unusual). What … [Article Link...]

Self Care Against Desire

It turns out I'm allergic to the testosterone injection that I take. I've been prescribed … [Article Link...]

Why Minority Matters in Kink

I woke up this morning thinking: Those who are more interested in maintaining their own privilege … [Article Link...]

Looking Back:

R is for ROLE PLAY

"Doctor, my body feels strange and tingly all over, and I'm getting headaches. I'm distracted and … [Please Sir, May I Have Another...]

Fluidity from Polarization

Recently I walked into a room of beautiful naked people who hadn't seen me in a few months. … [Article Link...]

Creating the Kinkster’s 25 Hour Day

There are only so many things one can do in a day, so doubling up necessary and fun tasks might be … [Article Link...]

Hormones are REAL

Update from my last post: I started on Testosterone Enanthate (the new formula that hopefully I'm … [Article Link...]

Kinky Home

Something that's been knocking about in my brain lately: Where we're going, where we've come from... … [Article Link...]


This is a blog about asking for what you want. Just because you're kinky doesn't mean anyone — even … [Article Link...]

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