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Sports Bar Fantasy

To start out, some thoughts... Not surprisingly I've been thinking a lot about sex, sexual repression, rape culture and assault, patriarchy, where men fit into various discussions about sexual … [Read On You Crazy Diamonds...]

Last We Heard:

BDSM Skillshare Classes, PRIDE, and Doing Something…

I've been talking for a long while about starting a BDSM skillshare class, and tonight is my first … [Show Me Just a Little Bit More...]

Sex Work, Emotional Labor, Feminism, Gender Diversity, and… Hi again!

When I wake up at 6am it turns out I get some good thinking/articulation done. I think it also helps … [Article Link...]

Finding Oneself Daily

I wasn't intending on writing a blog today, but I found myself multitasking in a way that makes me … [Read More...]

Words, Concepts, Questions, Closing

Here are some words, concepts, and questions to look at when exploring Sexuality/BDSM/Kink…  While … [Article Link...]

Last BRAIN ON DOWNLOAD for a While

There are so many ideas rotating through my head on a daily basis concerning what is possible in … [Article Link...]

When Things go Wrong

First, I apologize for the late entry.  I've been away from internet.  In line with snafus though, … [Article Link...]

Looking Back:

My Needles are in!!! My Needles are in!!!

I have a performance coming up this weekend which demanded I learn some new tricks and order … [Please Sir, May I Have Another...]

Why Write? Why Kink? Why Find? Why Say?

From the darkness… Creation. A light glows, imperceptible upon arrival, grows; soon unbearable its … [Article Link...]

Kink Blog’s Resurrection Brought to You by the Asheville DMV

Why hello Dear Readers, It's been almost a year since my last blog, and I've run a million miles … [Article Link...]

I’m Late for a Very Important Date!

This is a late post apologizing for my lack of a real post yesterday, and to let you know I'm not … [Article Link...]


 A few things are happening in this post.  I'll be talking about finding what makes one happy, and … [Article Link...]

Mining for Maleness

Lately I have been looking for books on what it means to be male and live a holistic and sensitive … [Article Link...]

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