Our Most Recent Kinky Musings:

Making Art

For the past seven months I've been gathering various bits of material for a  few art pieces I'm creating. Since starting on Testosterone I've taken a photo of my face and my vulva almost every day, … [Read On You Crazy Diamonds...]

Last We Heard:

Entitlement vs. Professional D/s

I am currently taking on clients for professional Domination. Sometimes I am contacted by an … [Show Me Just a Little Bit More...]

Admitting Fantasies

When you know what you want it's infinitely more easy to get. Sometimes it's hard figuring out what … [Article Link...]

Banned Words, Concepts, and Lives

Please, if you enjoy my blog, contribute to my Patreon: www.Patreon.com/KarinWebb. This is the major … [Read More...]


This past Monday the New York Times ran an article, "Met Defends Suggestive Painting of Girl After … [Article Link...]

We Are The Creators of New Expectation

Unless you've been under a very large dense rock for the past month or so, you're aware of the … [Article Link...]

Safe Space isn’t about Consent

If we intend on creating safe spaces (especially for women and minority people) to explore our … [Article Link...]

Looking Back:

There’s Magic in the Middle

Kinky Transboy seeks Slow and Hot (Providence) body: fit eye color: blue facial hair: … [Please Sir, May I Have Another...]

S is for SEXUAL HEALTH (and self love)

I am making crystallized ginger in my kitchen, I started some fermented honey garlic the other day, … [Article Link...]


I'm sitting right now and I'm completely non-verbal.  I'm partway through the experience of being … [Article Link...]


I'm writing about something which I think is hard to communicate about clearly. I don't think our … [Article Link...]

The Other Side of Expectation

I found myself in the middle of a wonderful moment the other night. It was simple enough, I was … [Article Link...]

Public Service Announcement

You do not have the right to: You do not have the right to anybody else's body but your own. … [Article Link...]

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