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I tour sometimes.  Often touring takes me away from cities where there is any kind of kink community, scene, or what have you.  It has been my experience that I am just fine being away from sex-positive adults when I’m working for a certain amount of time.  Then…  well, then I get a little depressed.

Smiling Girl in Ropes

See how happy I am when I’m all tied up?!?!  When will this ever happen again, my friends? When?!

It starts with a longing to be around my kinky friends.  Spending time remembering what experiences we’ve shared, and thinking about what they’re doing back at home now:  the NELA Fetish Fair, Bound in Boston, demo-bottoming or Topping and teaching at events, MOB meetings and workshops, random munches, sexy/kinky parties, dating various combinations of one another, or drinking coffee in cafés to just plain ‘ol talking about their hot n’awesome (awful, boring, or whatnot) weekends…  Then I start to think maybe I’ll never be there again?!  What if I’m not a part of this kick-ass amazing community at all?!  What if I’m just fooling myself and I’m really a boring touring person who has no time to be kinky and friendly and flirtatious and game for new experiences at all?!  What if having these experiences in the first place was all just some kind of mirage/dream/past life that I’ve outgrown or chosen against forever…

At this point I’m practically drooling with terror and anxiety that no randomish-but-trusted awesome human being will ever enjoy me enough to schedule mummifying me or kicking the crap out of me again…  WHAT KIND OF FUTURE IS THAT?!?!?!?!!!!!

Possibly the solution to this situation is touring for the kink community instead of for theater, BUT until that happens, I need to find some way to find “my own” on the open road.

I am looking for suggestions, my gentle and not so gentle readers, please send me your ideas: Karin@ABCsOfKink.com or comment below.

To Breath and Being,
~ Karin

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