Transgender Protection by Jurisdiction

Photo by Cary Bass

Photo by Cary Bass

Recently an acquaintance of mine posted an article from May, about the city of Somerville, MA enacting public accommodations protections for transgender people by adding the term “gender identity and expression” to the city’s anti-discrimination policy.  My friend also mentioned that he’s been working with his city’s Aldermen to put together language for legislation so that his city might update their municipal code.

The article he posted mentions

58% of surveyed transgender people in Massachusetts report suffering harassment or mistreatment in places of public accommodation

and that

implementing a policy like this is part of a progressive effort in Massachusetts to provide protections for all residents of the Commonwealth

Please read the full article here:  Somerville Becomes Sixth Jurisdiction in Massachusetts to Enact Public Accommodations Protections for Members of the Transgender Community

My friend was working with his city, Melrose, to follow suit and is hopeful changes will pass soon.  This was a great reminder that every one of us has the power to change our local politics with a little bit of thoughtfulness and effort.  Participation in our community is a transformative power we all have the potential to engage.

What city do you live in?  Perhaps that city’s municipal language needs some attention or an update?  Consider helping your community join Boston, Northampton, Amherst, Cambridge, and Salem to protect all the people whom, regardless of their gender identity or expression, you live near.

We are in our world together, and rich for it.  Like the sign in the photo above aptly points out, “injury to one is an injury to all”.

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