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Where I am at, quite simply and happily right now…

Something that’s been knocking about in my brain lately: Where we’re going, where we’ve come from… I’ve been through lots of different phases in my life, and I hope I never stop searching for the next horizon of interest. I’ve considered my identity to be “X” so many times. (To be fair, in reality, for that moment in time I was.) But then I grow, discover, try something new again, and find a new facet of who I am also.


Expectation is always the biggest stumble. Thinking we’re done, but we never are done, not while we’re thinking and breathing. The minute I think I really truly know something or have arrived somewhere I see over a new crest to a much much higher peak, or realize I want to be walking a different path from the one I’m currently on. Such is life and its many perspectives. Such is the exploration of all that we have at our disposals on this mighty, complex, beautiful earth. I want it all… well, much of it.

Next week some of my friends are going to be at Kinky Summer Camp. I went a few years ago and loved it. I ache to go back but one thing or another has kept me away… Next year? I hope. It’s an amazing experience with hundreds of fun spectacular people and teachers and experiences to be had. I was able to hang from flesh hooks, learn more about pet play, negotiate cuddles, get tied up by rope superstars, watch a lot of people piss on one another, knives and needles, and listen to the sounds of orgasm, screaming, and laughter around the clock. I want it to be like that in regular life. I’m trying to create a space that welcomes these same values in my next home. Going to Summer Camp feels like self-care (hey pup, take note of that and help me get there next year!)

I have a pup in training. It’s a newer development and going really well so far. I love training. It gives me the ability to focus on something and work on it little by little without the expectations of going too fast or being completely immersed always, the way primary relationships have worked out in my past. It’s more ongoing and regular than teaching workshops or long term classes, and it includes so many different aspects of play, service, and personal consideration that I feel myself becoming stronger and my perspective grows bigger as I regard what my pup/student/boy/submissive needs. What I love about teaching is that I also learn so much from each experience myself. Every student brings something new to the table and challenges me in a different way. I live for these exchanges. I love to help people in the ways they want to be held accountable and receive play.

Along those lines I’ve also been ProDoming more frequently, and I finally created a website to help inform my would-be clients what I do and how to connect with me: It took a lot of time and effort to put it together (believe it or not I thrive in real life situations, not so much computer navigations). Check it out, I hope you like it. I’d love to hear from anyone who has thoughts about it, questions, interest… I’ll be in Boston for almost all of September, and by October hopefully moving into an apartment in MA or RI.

I’m going to miss my time here and my friends at La Domaine. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to live simply, honestly, and in ways I’m passionate about, ways that comfort me, challenge me, draw me forward, and just feel right. Wish me luck finding the next home, the next kinky wonderland, the one I get to make and offer out to the world we live in. It is what I want.

Play On My Friends,
~ Creature

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