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I am a curious kitten, dear Public, always interested in how people think differently about various topics.  Maybe it’s the character actor in me, or the peacekeeper, maybe it’s just the way I’m wired – with an appreciation of people’s differences and desire to be exposed to new ideas…  In light of my kittenishness today I’ve decided I will throw some questions out TO YOU with the hope that responses will come back to me in surprising, ticklish, and challenging ways.

Either for yourself or for response (if you’re so inclined), I challenge you to take a moment to think about some of the answers you have to the questions below.  If you like, write them down and send your responses to me: or go to my Contact Page where you can fill out the comment form anonymously (or not – you choose).

Please take note:  Any content I receive that I think would be great to host on the blog will posted anonymous unless you specifically request it not to be and provide your credit information and links to include in the posting.  I look forward to hearing what  YOU think about the subject of kink, here goes!


Survey Questions!

I suggest picking three, and feel free to get in as much depth as you like:

  • Curious Kitten KarinAre you kinky?
  • Are you interested in kink?
  • Are you experienced in kink?
  • If you’re kinky, at what point did you come out to yourself as such and why?
  • What was your first exposure to kink?
  • Can you define what kink is to you?
  • Are kink and sex the same or different in your experience?
  • Is kink an activity or an identity?
  • What is your favorite kink?
  • Do you have family members who are kinky?
  • What is the line between “vanilla” and “kink” to you?
  • What questions do you have about kink?

I look forward to hearing your answers!

To Breath and Being
~ Karin

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