Why Minority Matters in Kink

“Danger. Do Not Cross.” Photo by Sarah Paterson

I woke up this morning thinking:

Those who are more interested in maintaining their own privilege rather than realistically disenfranchising or explicitly exploiting their more-than-equal statuses in order to lift those who are poor in the eyes of authority, are untrustworthy characters. Do not believe they mean well, their actions and inactions will tell you otherwise. People who wish “everyone just had what they have” rather than actively sharing their wealth in deliberate motivation to settle the score, are simply maintaining profit off their cultural status already gained through institutional imbalance at the cost of actual minority people’s lives. When you vote for a wealthy bigot, expect the economy not to change drastically or favorably for anyone without means already, and do not be surprised when bigotry runs rampant, unchecked, and violently through the streets. These consequences are absolutely foreseeable, and your motives are not questionable so much as transparently selfish, fantasy ridden, and absolutely privileged in their dissociation to the condition of All Our Country’s communities’ basic human rights and needs. The poor will not get richer on the backs of other poor people, but those with established wealth will continue to count their money as war wages on below their feet.

What does this blog have to do with race wars waging across the nation right now? How does kinky sex intersect with punching Nazis or speaking of peace in soft tones while holeing up with a warm cuppa? How does your interest in BDSM implicate you in the long march for justice and equality?

In our society sexual freedom is repressed, and every individual who seeks a more whole understanding of themselves must understand that innately this desire should be afforded to us all. To seek freedom for oneself indicates the essential belief in freedom for everyone.

It is work we’ve signed on for — acknowledging ourselves as distinct from the socially accepted pack. It is never free to wage freedom. On your journey you will be company to people you disagree with and who you are suspect of. You must do the work to bridge understanding, to not let the majority burden of work fall on more deeply minority shoulders, to speak out, and to listen when those more disenfranchised than yourself speak up, to act when things are uncomfortable, and to question your own motives always.

We become greater and more valuable to the community when we fight for all, and not only for ourselves. If you love your freedom, your shoulder belongs against wheels you may not consider your own.

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