The People I Meet: Balin (continued #2)

Recently while talking with a friend of mine who follows this blog they mentioned that they kept thinking about an entry I’d posted a while back where a writer I’d randomly met contributed a couple stories about their virginity: The People I Meet: Balin.  I too was tickled by this author’s offer to share his words with my audience.

Well, it turns out that the next time I logged into my ABCs Of Kink email account Balin had struck again, offering another story for my Wednesday audience to read, along with the words:

Dear Karin,
It’s a beautiful and daring blog. Raw and startling to me. To have actually met you. And this person I have met is actually doing and sharing these things. That’s you! This person I met!
Balin is such a repressed coward!!!
Oh, wait…  that’s me…

…So far being part of your blog (even anonymously) is…  well…  feels so unlike me…  is exciting…  I do feel honored…  also out of place…  like the stranger you mentioned…  also it’s kind of scary…  hopeful too…  messes up my brain…  and….  so, thanks!!

You’re welcome, Balin!  I’m pleased to have you on board.

Today I bring new musings by my mystery author friend.  This time in reaction to my recent post D is for DEATH PLAY.  I hope you enjoy!


Death Play

by Balin the Virgin

"UnAmerika's Sweetheart knocks a dildo into place"... Photo by Martin Fisch

“UnAmerika’s Sweetheart knocks a dildo into place”… Photo by Martin Fisch

Poor Balin is tight as a rubber band ball. Moria crushes him. Moria twists him. He is a stranger. Where are you UnAmerika’s Sweetheart Karin Webb? Open. Brave. Daring. But OMG . . . those welts on your gorgeous butt and needles in your beautiful nipple look freakin’ terrifying. Ouch @@@ Is that the kind of rescue I am dreaming of ???

I mean, Balin is dreaming of . . .

Her hair is blue. Her eyes are blue. He imagines her totally naked except for the blue boots the girl at the next table is wearing – and elf ears. She comes with a bow, shooting arrows with dildos on one end and feather ticklers on the other.

Fucking someone pretending to be a corpse!?

There is no shortage of corpses in Moria. Orc, goblin, troll, dwarf. Sexy. One might even find a Balrog down there somewhere. Sadly no dead hobbit booty. Though Frodo did almost bite the dust in the burial chamber. Curse you, Mithril!!!

If I wasn’t desperately afraid in addition to being virginal, I would “enjoy” death play. Some day I’ll be a corpse too. There will be my personal “Death of a Virgin”. What if someone engages in actual necrophilia upon my body? Is that how I will lose it?

Breathtakingly lovely, UnAmerika’s Sweetheart knocks a dildo into place, draws her bow, and vows to protect Balin’s virginity from the predations of a true necrophiliac – by slaying it herself first – so he dreams . . .


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