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First international airmail flight! How far we've come, though now we lose letters via auto-trash-folder placement rather than flying into the ocean...

First international airmail flight! How far we’ve come, though now we lose letters via auto-trash-folder placement rather than things falling into the ocean…

I am excited today that, looking through my ABC email, I was sent a bunch of letters from readers over the past couple weeks.  All of them were beautiful and encouraging, which I will always take!  I’ll even be publishing one of the stories sent to me this Wednesday for the Perspectives blog, so keep an eyeball peeled for the words of a fellow reader.  First though, to those who have reached out to me, thank you!  You keep my motor running.

I do try to write back people who contact me, and one of the things I realized today was that some legit emails get trapped in alongside the epic amounts of spam that gets shot my way…  So, if you’ve written me and included your email address in the letter, and I haven’t responded, please know that I probably didn’t receive it.  I’m sorry about that, I’ll be updating the way this site works to try and alleviate how much spam I get (and if anyone has an idea of how to best do that, please feel free to PM me as well – I am not really that tech savvy it turns out)…

While we’re on the subject of website updates, I would really LOVE to have a comment feature that works on this site, and I can’t seem to make that work out.  It looks like it is working on my cpanel, but I don’t see them popping up ever online.  One of the major reasons I decided to write this blog was to create a culture of people who feel able to connect with one another, communicate, think, bounce ideas together.  I suppose it is fitting to ask the community for a little help making the thing functional.  Thank you in advance if you have any helpful suggestions.

I look forward to hearing from more of you as time wears on, and as we get closer to the end of the alphabet I’ve been looking back at subjects I’ve written about and have gotten pretty excited about it all.  I am proud of this space and time.  It’s good to know it has touched others as well.

To Breath and Being,
~ Karin

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~Thank you.


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