Banned Words, Concepts, and Lives

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My response to this week (and the past year) as a citizen of the United States: We are all vulnerable to the corruption of those who would stand against a more equal nation which values and reflects our community’s true diversity. This idea is evidence-based, just look back over the past year’s shifting of policies nationwide which reflect protections of misguided entitlement over science-based agendas. As a transgender citizen of the United States, and as a citizen who happens to have a uterus, it looks as though by the end of our current presidency a fetus might have more rights over my body than I will.

Make no mistake, it is not a coincidence that women, queers, and racial minorities are the targets of an establishment which is patriarchal, older, male, cis, largely heteronormative, middle to upper class, and pervasively white, who would have their privileges upheld over people with reproductive abilities, alternative ideas about how and who to love or how to speak about their own identities and bodies, and those with skin colors who historically have been marginalized and abused. A community comprised of people who understand their individuated power to grow and over time better govern their bodies, hearts, and minds, a community which acts with respect to nature and understands the environment through science, evidence, and experience rather than dogmatic teachings is a community which will not much longer be repressed by the fossils of an abusive and repressive era. That some of the words I have used above (and I’m sure most of my ideas) are an abomination to our current governing body is remarkable.

Small minded.


No, I’m not the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), but for the Federal Agency whose sole purpose is to keep the United States healthy to be limited by vocabulary (especially vocabulary accurately descriptive of its research) to receive funding, is not only ludicrous it is vile. I am a patriot, and I do not believe our current administration has the wellbeing of most of our nation’s people in its sight. I believe this administration to be actively hostile and hateful to the actual persons who comprise our nation.

Fuck. This. President.

Old man, shatter.

We “Other’d folk” growing healthy, strong, and demanding of our rights are the reality of natural growth and change.

Evangelicals: stay out of the Government. Your trifling is unconstitutional, and you cannot turn back nature’s progress meaningfully. Your attempts make you look a complete ass.

It is time for all of us who believe in the more perfect union achieved through equality and peace to not allow ourselves to be subdivided through the sting of “but me too” or “NotAll___” or fear of loss as the scales balance to favor all. We are on this Earth together, some more or differently blessed than others in circumstance and journey. It is up to each of us to utilize and to share what we possess to the benefit of all this planet’s creatures.

So be it.

Play On My Friends,
~ Creature

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