Slut boy

My favorite condoms: non latex and the lube doesn’t irritate me…

Recently there was a week that I needed to do a lot of work on the computer… (not unusual). What was unusual was that I found it impossible to sit and get that work done. For a number of normal and abnormal reasons for me I couldn’t focus on the tasks at hand: I’m traveling a bunch, I keep not having internet access when I have the time to settle in and work where I am… but honestly the biggest reason it took me so long to attend to my work is that my brain just would not concentrate. Well, that’s a lie. It would only concentrate on one thing. It would only consentrate on sex. I felt like an addict. I have never experienced this amount of preoccupation with sex, getting off, and sexuality, as I did that week. I have been walking around in a fog of sexual alertness and everything else seems secondary to that primal need being fulfilled.

Turbo Slutting: I got on a couple popular gay dating apps, and started searching for the sexy human instruments with which I might scratch this itch. One day that week I ended up having sex with 4 different people (in 4 places — I’m not talking your run of the mill one stop shop orgy here). I had sex way more than 4 times that day, which while I know isn’t impressive to everyone, is certainly a far reaching record for me. What’s even more momentous to me about this experience is that at the end of the day I still wasn’t satisfied. No where near it.

It seems never ending, this desire to be turned on and the ability for my clit to jump while my cunt starts to water at even the slightest suggestion of an attractive stranger’s interest in me… It seems insane that I can be this turned on over and over and over again with no end in sight.

My entire experience of hooking up has been different too. After sex and orgasm I’m happy to chat with the person I’ve just worked out with, but I don’t feel particularly emotionally attached to them or interested in much more. Warm and cozy yes, but not amorous. We might exchange numbers, and perhaps we keep in touch again over the next couple days, but there’s a happy stranger out there, connected to me by a moment and I’m happy that in most cases it’s nothing more… Outside of sending me hot pics without comment and rekindling my libedo, I seem relatively disinterested or romantically inclined to try and impress or continue contact with them.

Yes, there have been connections which felt more magnetic, and I do hope I’ll see those people again, but I also accept that maybe it won’t happen and what we had would be quite alright if it never repeated itself again.

Out of the fog one day I was given hope though! At the end of my relentless week of sluttery I had a rendezvous with a very sexy someone who I’d been chatting with for a couple days. He was older, a master at dirty talk, Dominant and mischievous in a way I was compelled to melt around, and after a few hours of perverted revelry together in a room I felt my fever break (accompanied by the biggest orgasm I’ve had in a long long while). Afterwards, for the first time in what felt like forever, I settled in that night. I was clear headed, focused, and I got an entire week’s worth of work cleared off my plate. The following morning I felt good enough to write more before hitting the road for travel again…

Will I see this certain Sir again? I don’t know. I certainly hope I do — if for anything that it’s better for all my current employers sake’s.

Play On My Friends,
And talk about your STI status before you get too hard, wet, and carried away,
And for future fuck’s sake: carry the condoms and lube you like with you,

~ Creature

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