Our Bodies are Amazing

Whip marks

Our bodies are amazing. It’s simply true. Our skin is this incredible material which holds our innards in despite gravity, tearing, impact, burns, and broken bones inside its casing. Pain is this amazing tool that our bodies offer us in conversation. It proves a malleable experience which we can turn up or turn off the noise of depending on our emotional fortitude, our expectations, and our perception of our safety in that given moment. BDSM plays with these things, allowing us to find newer and newer spectrums of control through sheer force of will, and with the survival intelligence we are gifted from experience. Trust is built through trial and error, and over time our lines in the sand about what we believe we can tolerate moves further and further into the wild. Humans were built for adventure, for physical fortitude, and for intellectual and emotional growth. We get bigger from trying new things and from digestible challenge.


I am grateful that I’ve found these communities of people who are as interested in what their bodies are capable of, what their hearts are capable of, what their creative intellects and wills are able to accomplish, as I am. I am proud of what my body has shown me it’s happy (and sometimes unhappy but able) to take. New experience after new experience has taught me more about myself than comfort ever could over the years. I am repeatedly astonished when my desires shift from fear and rejection of an idea, to intrigue, to want, and oftentimes to ease.

There was a moment in time (just a moment) when I considered being punched and “rough body play” to be an awful idea, I thought “who does that?!?!”… The very next day I was punched in a scene and as I felt the deep reverberations echo through my torso, sending pleasure to parts of my body I hadn’t felt come alive for a very long time, I knew this was one of my favorite things. I was angry that being born female had taken these feelings away from me for so long. Getting beat in scene was a reclaiming of my own skin and bones, an emotionally powerful and moving new understanding that I was capable of so much more than I had known.


Another awe was found hanging 20 feet above a crowd of hundreds with only 2 hooks pierced through my shoulder skin holding me up. I felt my skeleton and organs trying to escape the meatsack I am alongside gravity. Epidermis, I kiss your virtues. Pain is a mindgame where fact and fear wrestle it out over intense sensation, and the journey is a classroom of information recalibrating one’s reactions for many future moments to come.

If you want it to.

The offer is open to everyone.

Dare to walk on fire with someone who knows how, and you’ll learn.

Recently I found myself with fistfulls of needles, pricking, suturing, and tying flesh in formations I hadn’t ever done before. It was beautiful. A love of blood satisfied for the evening, and my sadistic pleasure centers served well. Balls tied to the ceiling and pulled on with weights, labia and nipples sutured and strung up as well, two human animals who love one another and who offered me their flesh I tied together, then needled ribcage to ribcage, and corseted together with string on the bed which was our playground… The chemicals of connection, a practice of breathing, the fuel of trust and desire, and an electrifying sensation from every spark of energy in the room passed back and forth between us all as minutes turned to hours. From this I was high and happy and grateful.

Never cease to be amazed.

Play On My Friends,
~ Creature

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It Seems I’m a Little Sadistic

We probably knew this, yes, though I don’t frequently have reason to connect with that part of my psyche as I exercise the deeply masochistic sub/bottom parts most often. Following are a bunch of photos from a recent encounter I had teaching my friend to needle top. I teach needle topping not infrequently to friends and students, and so I get pin-cushioned relatively often by people who haven’t ever stuck pointy objects into someone else’s body on purpose before. On this occasion I took on a student who is sadistic, interested in needles, and who is also delightfully masochistic and was interested in knowing what it felt like to receive. I have needle topped myself many times but this was the first time I got to do the deed to another person. Gosh, I must say it’s lovely! I had no idea I would salivate while inflicting pain as much as I did, or really marvel at the needle-feeding so thoroughly. My student may have made a monster out of me, I’d love to do this regularly… Enjoy some photos and brief commentary:

Let’s start with blood: One of the things I love most about needle play is the bloodletting aspect of it. There is, I find, a calming release which happens when needles are taken out. I get completely amourous and sometimes buzz during this part of play.

This photo is from the first time I had needles stuck in me during a scene a number of years ago. It was a beautiful experience.

The photo after this one is a little brutal looking, so first I’ll show an example of one of the ways you can play with the relatively common “endorphin button” technique of needle stacking:

Endorphin button torture… Photo by Jroq Studios

Eight needles in a pretty packed space, all shallowly (read: painfully) placed. The pinks are 18g with 1 1/2″ length shafts, the blues are 23g x 1 1/2″, and the greys 27g x 1/2″ and are set in vertically. You may notice that the longer needles have been laced in and out a few times, have tips buried, and a few of them were backed out and put back in multiple times.

The endorphin button in its full glory. Photo by Jroq Studios

When I stuck my student I made a much smaller endorphin button, as we only had a few needles left:

I really enjoyed making this Dominant squirm. Even a few needles can do the job well when you know how to play with them. Photo by Jroq Studios

Here I am: Happy Needle Top!!!

Don’t mind me, just gonna squeeze these and press them in a bit… Photo by Jroq Studios

Who’s next? Anyone want to trade a massage for some needle play? This tour may have kicked the crap out of my hips, but it’s done a lot to make me smile too.

Play On My Friends,
~ Karin

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