I am the barren uterus and the fertile hands

Touching your parts

Your heart

Your anxieties when the world falls down

I am the oxygen blown into your mouth for fun and flirtation

Teaching you resuscitation

Energy for creation

And the universe spins quickly toward its destructive end


You look dizzy commenting on my bigness

A private wish for simpleness, or is it ignorance

Careful, I hold you with space enough to shift and grow

You’re still afeared of atoms somehow seen so differently: the ones defined as “you” and “me”


On our backs, deep in the Temple of Wilderness

Hunting quiet tenderness

Resigned to the endings all around us as we make

Crushed bugs, empty bottles, theories of interconnectedness, loud noise, CO2 for the plants nearby to bloooooom, our fucking fucking us back with the story of forever which is this feeling of pleasure — an instant that echoes on and on — radio waves rattling our brains even today, as wars wrapped in voices projected from yesteryear we still hear say:





… our only answer is orgasm


We fall from fairy folly

Petals after rain

Sown Earth and fast Decay

Beauty romantically impressed

Realistically one day

The end



Play On My Friends,
~ Karin

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