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Looking for a fun afternoon? Let me help you with that…

I love playing games. Well, that’s not always true I’m still lukewarm on board games, but that’s due to growing up around people who were both sore losers and sore winners. I have found friendly adult gamers to be good therapeutic treatment for my old anxieties. Other games though, the imaginative and physical kinds you make up, those have always been “my thing”. I’m an oldest child with creativity to spare and was often called on to come up with games for the kids to play when I was young. I love entertaining and impishly instigating so it usually worked out pretty well. Noticing what activities switch individuals on and off taught me how to elaborate on what’s already happening to unexpected and even more enjoyable ends — a beautiful cross between character study and a personalized invitation to the land of make-believe.

Whether I was coming up with new versions of tag and capture games, running around the yard shouting instructions to spin until we all fall down, or acting as chief instigator, challenger, dare prompter, impish confession procurer…, I was at my best imagining anything and everything I could to build and hold the tension between myself and another individual or the group of friends playing. I’ve always had a high tolerance for play (higher than most maybe) and would often outlast my friends as I’d get wrapped up in this or that goal, trying to make each time we played better than the last. It’s no surprise that I’ve built my career performing, writing, and directing.

As a Dominant person too, I find myself at the front of the adult playroom shouting orders and daring my playmates to do things they might not know they want, but enjoy the challenge of being commanded to do. My clownish tendencies have a history of being popular at sexy parties, and more than once I’ve helped break the ice in a room with too many shy people, introverts, or submissives waiting for some sort of action to begin.

What I find funny about this is that when it comes to “sex”, I’m usually the opposite. I have no idea how to engage in random acts of sexual activity or get that type of play started quickly. I enjoy watching others hedonistically take the wheel there, and always find I’m in awe of how my friends can jump into those things so easily. It reminds me of when I was growing up and discovering sex and foreplay for the first time. I thought the tease, the seductive power to make someone react to my touch or intent, games of denial, edging, sensation play, sensual and daring games, starting intimate and often deeply vulnerable conversations, and pretty much everything other than fucking and sucking made me feel delicious and sexy and turned on. Fucking and sucking has historically seemed like the end of the road to me, and not one I even desire usually: what you do when you’re ready to be done with it, if you must do something. So, kink-sensual it is for me I suppose, which is something I’ve come to understand more clearly over time. I’m learning to be glad that I’m wired this way.

These days I offer kinky games online for my clients, partners, and playfellows. I wholly delight in this employ. Through games I get to know people better, create intimate, fascinating, and often educational connections where there were none before, and my brain imaginatively elaborates on each player’s responses to my challenges. My play partner’s interests, said and unsaid, are clues to possibility about where we might go from this round into the next. My games can serve as a fun way to vet people for in-person play at times, and it’s a much less expensive way to play with me in the context of Professional Domination. If I’m pleased by the way a player plays out our game, I offer a reward at the end of each round.

My games remind me about my own value as Ringmaster, and inspire me to learn more and to better improve my offerings and Dominant manner. I can see clearly how someone who aches to be seen, used, or challenged gets turned on, calms and centers, or is pleased themselves when asked to please me. My goal is always to cultivate a healthy and fun connection, and to try achieving the intimacy and tension of a sexy confessional for those for whom distance or circumstance will not support playing with me face to face. Players are able to opt in or out of rounds depending on their limits and interests. My games are meant to be fodder for imagination, intellectual and sensual pleasure, roads to new experiences, and tension buiders which will hopefully leave us all wanting more.

If you’re interested in playing games with me, fill out the form on my contact page and let me know a little about what your interests are. I’ll let you know how to get involved. I hope to hear from you. I really love to play.

Play On My Friends,
~ Creature

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