Surges of Love Amidst Brutality

Where I am at these days…

I updated my Fetlife profile yesterday with some new photos (@CreatureCrea if you’re interested). A couple of them are a bit on the brutal side, depicting around 90 needles as my tools of torture in a CBT scene. As scary as that looks though, the session itself was nothing but loving and kind. Brimming with surges of love and an exchange of exciting and sexy energy between my submissive masochist and his Sadistic and caring Dominants (two of us were emptying the boxes of needles that day). Honestly, the scene felt romantic and it was full of smiles mixed into moans. Pain/pleasure is a real thing, and the edges some people can get carried to are incredible. I feel lucky to work with bodies in this way.

What does it mean to take this amount of “torture” and enjoy it? Well, it’s not for everybody, that’s for sure, but I think it’s part of an internal conversation about desire which extends beyond the bounds of what we’re taught is “normal”. What do you want to do? What do you want to have done to you? What can you survive? What experiences are you curious to try? People tear their bodies apart mountain climbing, and we call it a sport, with admiration in our minds for those who persevere beyond. I think the mind and body of the BDSM masochist are wired similarly.

Reading about the brains and the visceral experiences extreme sport athletes share, I find myself nodding emphatically more frequently than not. Having been on the business end of a whip for hours on end (or any number of other intensely painful situations), there’s a certain place I get to where processing and taking the pain I’m receiving becomes a pleasure and an excitement I want to continue with. Focus, and an alignment of my body and mind takes over. The pleasure aspect to it is aided by a heightened awareness of my body. It feels a lot like “new relationship energy” to me. If I’m playing with someone who is mindful of pacing and physical cues, what we accomplish in scene can extend on and on and on, building and ebbing and building over and over again.

It isn’t just the activity though that makes this possible. It is the person on each end of the exchange, and the energy we’re willing to receive and let go of and send into one another in support of our sport. If I push a needle into someone with a specific intent, it feels remarkably different than if I push it into someone without, carelessly, or with a completely different intent in mind. If my submissive receives my needling and tenses up, or instead is breathing through it, or has the mindset of “being good” for me, or is resistant, we will both feel those effects. Energetic vampires exist and are horrible to scene with — but I’m a connection slut, so in general someone sucking all the energy out of the room and out of me without returning it for the benefit of my continued interest in play is my nightmare idea of a partner.

I’ve been lucky to find scene partner after scene partner, on this ride through BDSM, to be beautiful people who I feel lucky to jab/kick/pinch/hit and make howl. Perverted? Absolutely. Rewarding? Unendingly yes! Fulfilling and sustainable? Check! When BDSM play feels like love, paired with a giving partner, I never want to stop making my submissive feel as they’ve fantasized about wanting to feel. It works for us both.

Play On My Friends,
~ Creature

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Finding Work

Performance: at a recent Beltane event, I encouraged the audience to attach over one hundred clothespins with leaves to my body. My gesture to the ushering in of Springtime.

  • Attending a strip club on the arm of a new friend where we enjoy our evening watching one another receive lap dances and empathically get off on the aesthetics and arousal of each other’s proximity.
  • I walk two miles around town in sneakers until my feet are sore, sweaty, stinky, and tired, to be met by a stranger whose only desire is to grant me a massage, and worship my feet for the afternoon.
  • Encouraged to stomp on the balls of a gent who enjoys CBT. We play a game, drawing cards to determine which activities we engage in in his hotel room.
  • Weekly meetings with a self-described humdrum, discouraged about life, loyal submissive service bottom who adores the privilege of spending time close to the interesting life of Me, their encouraging, confident, and chore list wielding, Sir. …

These are just a few of the job opportunities I have perused this week. Will any pan out? I don’t know. They all sound really fun, and I would get something completely different from each scenario. Never before have I been as interested in hunting for gigs as I am right now.

When going for the opportunities I am interested in, it can be a depressing chore to continuously weed the wankers out from those actually interested in meeting and actually experiencing their posted idea of play. It can be hard to determine how safe I feel approaching a scenario, and it’s good that I have friends who allow me to use them as check-in and safety calls (thank you!).

What fantasies do you harbor? Have you posted them online before, or hired the help of a professional, an amateur, or a stranger to get your experience on? Do you rely on the help of friends or partners to fulfill your needs for adventure, or do you look to porn and erotica? Is your imagination good enough to do the trick? Have you pursued different strategies at different times in your life or within the confines of different relationships? Have you held yourself back from the realization of your fantasies? Do you prefer your fantasies to be just that — unrealized?

I believe this life is about living, and armed with healthy curiosity, clear boundaries, and an eye to what feels right (frequently indicated by what does not), I intend on living. From the first time I was told I couldn’t do something I wanted to because it wasn’t proper for a young lady, I have been hell bent on bucking the system which holds me back from my intrigue and desires. I want to have control over my destiny. I want to connect with people who inspire me. I want to have new experiences and cultivate good stories. I thoroughly enjoy taking control of the games I play with others, and often this comes in the form of simply saying the words “I want”.

Play On My Friends,
~ Karin

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