New Love: Latex

Mistress Couple and myself at La Domaine Esemar making rubber magic!

L is for Latex, R is for Rubber Bands (ouch), B is for Balloons — last weekend’s activities smelled of rubber and felt even better… I have always eyed the latex at fetish cons, but never tried it on. The price tag was too heavy, and it seemed like a pain in the ass to deal with knowing I wasn’t going to buy any — in full disclosure, I am a sniffer though, and I have lingered in rooms just for the smell of it. Over the years I’ve gazed long and hard at alien-like designs in smooth black rubber stretched over bodies making animated oil slicks and curvy, tight, sausages from people’s soft structures. Photographs of the Rubber Ball were an alluring fascination for my imagination years before I found my place in the kink community: what did these people do (other than look sexy fabulous)?

I’ve tried a few different drugs in my time, but I’ve never felt so perfectly high as I did wearing a borrowed latex dress to a kink party. Seriously. I could not keep my hands off myself. After stroking the latex over and over again I couldn’t stop touching my own hands too — they felt different after petting the non-porous completely smooth second skin. I was grateful that my clothing attracted not only my own sensational desire, but the hands and caresses of others all night long. This Creature was very, very happy. I got to experience being shined with latex lube which encouraged more petting and a professional attention and pressure. It resulted in an illumination and glow to the slick rubber holding me in which was stunning. Temperature play and getting wet are entirely new worlds through this material too, and after a good paddling the heat radiating off my ass through a latex skirt was fabulous.

Latex is bondage. I’ve always been partial to steel boned corsets, and though latex alone won’t hold my spine up straight, the sensation of being sucked in everywhere my dress covered my skin was a phenomenal secret bondage for the night. Being held by this stretchy, strong, thin material was a practice in constriction I adored. The Baroness (latex designer and absolutely wonderful diva person) said something to the effect of “everyone thinks wearing latex is about looking good for other people, but really it’s all about how you feel in it. It’s for you”. I must agree one hundred percent. I felt incredible. And yes, it smooths out some lines, but I didn’t even care what rolls or lines were evident, as the sensation of this skin tight material was truly a beautiful one.

I felt powerful in latex, sensual, animal, and sexy… I feel sorry for those allergic to it, and glad my irritation only extends to the mucous membranes. Rubber Latex proves to be an aphrodisiac to this sex-ambivalent kinkster. What a wonderful gift, once again, Mother Nature has provided for our pleasure.

Play On My Friends,
~ Creature (Crea)

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