Survey Questions Answered #1

Bettie Page. Author Irving Klaw

Bettie Page. Author Irving Klaw

A few weeks ago I posted a bunch of survey questions, check out the entry and write me with your own answers to any of them in the form below.  Following is one reader’s thoughts and experiences on the subject.

What’s your story?  Which of the questions are interesting ones to muse on for you?  What would you share from your thoughts, experiences, or POV on kink?  Does what’s written below strike a chord for you?  Are your experiences similar or wildly different?

A huge thanks to this week’s interviewee.  Contact me and add your voice to the discussion, I look forward to hearing from more of you.

To Breath and Being,
~ Karin


1. If you’re kinky, at what point did you come out to yourself as such and why?

I first came out in 2008 when I moved to Boston for college. My friend in college tipped me off to the Website Fetlife to connect with others of similar interest. At the time, the kink scene in Boston was under a dramatic expansion with the BTNG group, so it was really easy to meet new people and get your name out there.

2. What was your first exposure to kink?

It was age 8, I had gotten into my mothers book collections and found an erotic novel. The novel had a picture of a girls legs tied up with stocking on the front cover. I remember being very curious of the action imposed and my mother immediately snatching the book from my hand snarling “That’s for adults, go away”.

Being the rebellious person I was, I didn’t take that lying down. Over the next few years, I would invite girls over from my middle school and high school for bondage fun. It wasn’t sexual at that point, but I was aware that I liked tying up girls, pulling their hair and watching them struggle around.

High school is when all the pieces fit together, and when I knew I had something for control while getting turned on watching WWE women wrestling.

3. Can you define what kink is to you?

Kink is expression, passion and desire. It’s about security and feeling a much deeper connection to others. It’s about the fantasies I think about in the night coming to reality, and finding those who want to make those fantasies come true. It’s about community, connection, and knowing you are not alone in your wild thoughts.


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