Storytime: Shapeshifting Bedfellows

I am delighted that people write me and share pieces of themselves, of their experiences, and about the ways their sexuality and kink experiences have moved them in their lifetimes.  I recently received the following story in my inbox.  At first I didn’t see how it applied to kink per se, but stick with it, I think it has a really lovely end and I enjoy the musing.

Have you ever had a shapeshifting experience or been around someone else who has?

To Breath and Being,
~ Karin


"Apollo und Daphne" by Jakob Auer

“Apollo und Daphne” by Jakob Auer

Karin,  Here’s a true story about My girl:

I was part of something incredible Saturday night that I have never experienced before, so I thought I would write about it. I’m not sure if I can put into words what I witnessed but I’ll try.

Once a month I vend at Sinomatic in Boston. I love the energy, especially when I am with My babygirl/slave daisy_kitten. She had a family obligation so she wasn’t sure she would make it back in time to go, but I told her I would rather be late with her than on time without her.

The crowd was light, and sales were low, but I really didn’t care, I was able to spend some time with My daisy, playing a bit, feeling her amazing skin, just having her near Me was all I needed. She had changed into a skin tight snakeskin patterned dress, and I couldn’t keep My hands or eyes off her. She loved the attention, the touching, the spanking and the whacks from her special, crystal studded toy I made just for her.

At 2AM we packed up and heading out for the long trip back to NH in My truck. daisy had changed back into her street clothes, tight white capris and a tank top. My hands kept finding her lap and she was squirming all over the seat, unbuttoning her pants and helping Me slide My fingers over her smooth cunt. She was soaked as she always is when we are together. My fingers dipped into her and she lifted right off the seat, trying to get My fingers in deeper. All this is going on as I am driving up 93 at 70 MPH trying to concentrate on driving and pleasuring her. At one point she was convulsing so much she hit the shift and pushed it in neutral which slowed us down a bit but certainly didn’t stop us!

We pulled into a motel parking lot, got in the backseat and attacked each other. She tore her clothes off and I couldn’t  wait to taste her. She has the sweetest tasting cunt I have ever experienced, her full soft lips, smooth skin and hard clit make Me want to clamp My mouth on her every chance I can. She always has the same reaction every time I lick her, moaning and thrusting as if just that first touch of My tongue will make her cum.

I love teasing her, licking softly around her lips, tasting and touching her before I put My mouth fully on her, pushing My tongue deep into her then flicking My tongue across her clit. It drives her wild, and I love hearing the moans and sounds she makes.

She loves My fingers in her. We have talked about fisting, but that is going to take some time. I have really big, wide hands, and she has the tightest little cunt. It WILL happen, but that’s for another day, tonight I wanted to just make her cum and cum.

daisy has a very easy to find G-spot. When I rub it, she tightens down on Me, and when she cums its almost painfully tight on My two fingers. I can feel that hot wet cunt squeezing My fingers as I type this. The very thought of how she feels makes Me hard every time. Damn, how I love owning this exquisitely beautiful woman/girl!

I can always tell when she’s about to cum, her body starts trembling all over, her cunt gets tighter and tighter, and if she’s really turned on, it feels like she is trying to push My fingers out of her, those are the times she squirts…yes, she is a squirter as well. She says she had only squirted once before she met Me, but since then, well she has squirted a lot. She knows how much I love it, and that has allowed her to relax and let go. Tonight she was beyond turned on, she was flying.

I could feel she was ready, and I told her to cum for Me, to cum for Daddy and she did, squirting a bit around My fingers. She wasn’t done, not by a long shot, and soon she was there again, squirting more, spraying a huge amount, soaking My pants from hip to knee. Again she came, squirting again, and this time I was lucky enough to have My mouth on her, getting a mouthful of her cum, sweet and beautiful, so intimate, so fucking hot.

I knew she had more in her, and I was not going to stop until she had been totally satisfied. Her pleasure gives Me pleasure. She came again, squirting across the seat and this is when it happened, this strange and beautiful thing that has NEVER happened to me before, she changed physically.

A quick aside here; a few weeks ago, daisy was on her knees sucking My cock after a play session. I was sitting on a couch watching her when something happened. Her face changed a bit into someone else, no seriously it did. Her incredibly beautiful green eyes changed to black and her face changed as well. She became this dark, exotic woman who I later named innana. It was her true slave self, something that has never shown itself before, but is now evident to both of us.

Now back to Saturday night. When I said she changed physically, I really mean that. Her feet were against the door and she was laying across My lap and she started arching her back so much she was almost touching the ceiling, and it happened, she got physically smaller and she changed into a young girl with budding breasts, hairless cunt (although daisy is always smooth this gave Me the impression of not old enough to grow hair yet, not of being shaved) a true little girl.

I was a bit freaked out, but incredibly turned on as well. I was witnessing something beyond anything I had ever seen sexually. I have always told her I play on a higher plane than sex and that I could take her places she can’t imagine, but here was My woman turning into a little girl before My eyes, and taking ME places I’ve never imagined! It was amazing and beyond words.

She came and squirted and flopped down into My lap and then there was another huge spasm and she came again, squirting out an incredible amount around My fingers. My seat was awash with her juices, the car filled with the intoxicating smell of her, and I almost came in My pants!

In all, she squirted 7 times, draining every ounce of fluid from her. I felt like I had cum as many times as well, but she wasn’t satisfied with that, she asked to taste Me, to pleasure Me, to swallow Me, to thank Me for making her feel safe enough to let go and squirt, fly, be who she is inside.

As she sucked Me, I could feel how much she loves Me, the devotion and gratitude she feels that she feels can’t ever express enough to Me. She knows I know, that I am blessed to have her in My life.

She is the most incredible woman I have ever met, this shape shifting ball of energy is Mine forever.

Yes, this really did happen, she changed, I saw AND felt it. Someone once told Me that I can see and feel things that others can’t, perhaps that’s what I happened, that I “saw” what she was feeling inside, that she felt like a little girl playing with her Daddy. I really don’t know, but I look forward to being with her again and finding out what else she has inside her.

Thank you dasiy for honoring Me by calling Me Daddy, Master, Lover, I love you so.


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