Vibrant beautiful little things, reminding us to slow down and notice them…

This week I’m immersed in a lot of things. The theme seems to be sensuality — a meditation on connecting with the body and surrounding environment at a visceral, emotional, and sensual level. It fits well with the oncoming season change. These Northern temperatures shift drastically throughout the day, followed by humidity, scattered weather, and emotional states… We are preparing for colder times. Times we want to wall off, but also time we would benefit from the heat of others and warmer environs. It is a good time to collaborate.

Speaking of collaboration, I am currently in tech week for a show I am Directing. The show is full of circus performers who are highly skilled but sometimes less actor/storyteller connected to their material within performance. Over and over again the direction I give boils down to breath, to being in the moment, to slowing down and using the apparatus they’re on like a scene partner, to have a sensual connection with their medium between “tricks” to support the piece’s story arc… Sensuality. That we are connected to our Mother Earth and environment at all times — not just when we’re doing an exciting winning move.

I’ve found this recently in a more sexual context too. I was with a partner who enjoys exhibitionism and we met someone who enjoys watching couples have sex, so invited them over for a show. It was a pretty fun time together, but it was also an interesting study in how people who don’t know one another and are not going to have sex, can still communicate sexually and sensually with one another quite openly. Our watcher had such a sweet face and was definitely interested in both me and my partner’s bodies (my partner was in their’s as well). As the scene was not about us interacting with this person sexually though, it became about a few other things instead.

It became about talking. It became about D/s negotiation. It became about sound, about the thickness of the air in the room. It became about orgasm control, about watching (and watching the watching), it became about selective touch and well placed flirtatious stimulation shy of graphic involvement… It became about playing at the edges of sex and firmly in the world of this intoxicant called sensuality.

On another adventure one day I met a sub who had refrained from orgasm at my request for four days before we met. They edged themselves 32 times over those day (a personal record for them), reporting to me each 5th time, writing to me about how they were feeling… By the time we were face to face all I had to do was touch their leg with my foot under the table to elicit a full body shudder and smile. Sensuality wins in my book.

The feeling of cool crisp air and full sun on my face as I walk the streets of this old, beautifully built city reminds me I am happy living this life. The slower movements of a stroll after a heavy meal, touching the bushes and fence railings along my path. The perfume of flowers I have  stopped to smell, crushing herb leaves in my fingers and offering my hands up to a friend’s nose. Walking closer to another’s body until reaching an arm around is the natural instinct followed, a head close enough to a shoulder that my hand reaches up to guide it there softly, feeling the letting go… Through our senses, we animals know this world intimately, and have an opportunity to dance more closely. We can read tension in our own or another’s body when we slow down enough to notice how the world around us feels, and how the world in us is doing.

I love feeling the world around me. It calms me. My anxieties loosen. My schedule seems manageable and I gut level know I will show up for the next moment successfully after I leave the one I am in. Sensual intelligence teaches me to simply “be”, which is stimulating and calming both. Healthy.

Play On My Friends,
~ Creature

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