Introducing: M.O.B.

I was at a MOB meeting this weekend, and attended their “Sadistic Micro-Bondage” workshop with fabulous guest presenter Athena_Kali (which you could take at this spring’s Bound in Boston weekend).  I had an absolute blast, so this Wednesday I thought I’d write about the group I’ve know about the longest here in kinky Boston: the one and only collective of ‘Multi-Orgasmic Bitches’ known as MOB!

The official bio goes like this:  

Mob New England is a group for all women, including transsexual/transgender/intersex women who live their daily lives as women, and all female-born transgender/genderqueer persons age 21 and over who have an interest in BDSM. We offer social and play events, educational demos, and informal opportunities to socialize, have fun and build a sense of community. We claim as positive forces in our lives our many and varied interests in kink, bondage, domination and submission, sadomasochism, leather and perversion.  Please visit our website for more info:

I’ve known about MOB since 1999 when I started working at Grand Opening! Sexuality Boutique.  I would work the Fetish Fairs as a vendor, and these sexy leather and sometimes hanky clad women would come by my table, flirt, and drop me info about the party they were hosting that weekend (MOB is known for the awesome parties it hosts)…  I went to one with a performer friend of mine, and it was the first kink/sex party I’d ever been to!  It was amazing.  I remember not knowing anyone and being nervous around all the leather and implements of destruction, nipple clamps, spanking sounds, and obviously loving and developed connections between partygoers.  So I sat quietly in a corner out of the way and watched.  I was drawn to a scene where a woman was being mummified with plastic wrap and scotch tape by a group of attendees.  It was beautiful, raw, loving, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of what was happening.  I caught the eye of the ringleader and was offered a place to come help…  and so I was invited into my first ever kinky interaction.  After finishing the mummification and some rough play, we led this person, blindfolded and vulnerable all over the hotel.  I remember we ended up in Midori’s room (one of my by-far favorite kink teachers), where she asked if anyone knew how to blow an egg.  I did, so proceeded to blow the raw egg white and yolk out of it’s shell while the rest of the party hung out and chatted about Midori’s workshop the following day – something about redirecting people’s expectations in a scene.  The egg was going to be filled with lemon juice before being used on a workshop participant as a ball gag.  The participant would be told that the egg had been filled with some other liquid that morning, as it put in their mouth, and it would be mentioned that Midori had drunk a lot of water the night before…  It was a fun time hanging out, and eventually we left, brought the mummified woman and her partner to their room and went our separate ways.

It was one of the first magical evenings in my life.  It spun my head around 360 degrees, and I never looked at my own sexuality the same way again, though it would be almost 15 years until I was ready to find the kink community and find myself in that world again.  When I realized I had to be a part of the kink community here in Boston, that I needed to find myself outside of the relationships I’d had where there was no room for that over the years, I re-found MOB.  I will never be less than grateful that they still exist and that they create a space for people – wherever they are at on their journey – to find safety, inspiration, and sometimes home.

If you’re at the Winter Fleamarket this March in Warwick/Providence area Rhode Island, hit up the MOB table and support them if you can.

To Breath and Being,
~ Karin

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