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Me today!  I’ve been thinking about a story from my youth…  one of those “uh-huh, yup” stories…

Photo by Maclapessoa

Photo by Maclapessoa

Mr. Potato Head  was the first toy I ever played with in a sexy fantasy type way.  At the end of third grade I moved a couple towns over from where I’d been since kindergarten.  That was just at the age I started to feel flirtatious awakenings in my little body.  I remember fantasizing about one of the kids in my class while falling asleep one day and feeling really great about it, even though I’d never experienced that before.

Forth grade was the grade we got the “this is what your ovaries look like, and boys have vas deferens” talk, and my mom took it upon herself to sit me down in the local Pizza Hut and draw pictures of the reproductive tract carefully explaining the Birds and the Bees and my period and go over just one more time whatever those vas deferens things were and how they might play a role in my potential future reproductive life…

My best friend from my old school would come over and play with me some afternoons.  In full disclosure I had had a serious crush on this girl for years.  She made me really happy and I wanted to be with her all the time, play whatever games she wanted to play just as long as I could be around.  We used to write one another at least once a week and post our letters to one another in the mail.  Somewhere I should still have a stack of them unless they’ve been attacked by mold and time.  So, she’d come over to play and we’d pull out the Mr. Potato Head set.  I had a Mr. and Mrs..  We’d decide that since they were married they probably had sex.  They probably had sex a lot.  And we’d figure out just how in our subsequent time together…

Ears and noses went in holes they should(n’t), the backdoor flap was constantly open for more and more to either be pulled out or shoved inside, and we didn’t care who was dressed as what.  Mr. and Mrs. would be Mr. and Mr., Mrs. And Mrs., or just indescribable meshes of genderless plastic potato flesh making happy little moans while frequently switching positions…

I think it’s kind of funny, in hindsight, that my first sexy play wasn’t with Ken and Barbie or any other kind of dolls except the ones that could switch gender and use toys to pleasure one another.  Sexual shape shifters who’s emphasis was on the creation of their good time, rather than simply old fashioned missionary humping.  Perhaps we are who we are in this life, regardless of how long it takes us to embrace it?

What do you think, do you have any of those stories from your past?  Comment below or write in, I’d love to publish if you’re willing to share (credited or anonymous as you like).  Be well my friends, and enjoy your current play-dates, whatever flavor they may be!

To Breath and Being,
~ Karin

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