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Photo by Marmotoons

Photo by Marmotoons

Dear X,

You asked for me to write you with three scenes I would like to see transpire between us sexually/kinkily/fancifully – things for us to share with one another experientially.  I will admit that there are many things that I would love to see us do, and there are a great deal of activities that I would like to repeat that we’ve already brushed against or tried to tackle…  However, in the nature of starting somewhere, I offer you the three I have selected today, in no particular order:

~  I have a love for clothespins that goes beyond most toy and sensation interests.  Perhaps it is because I was raised in the country always with a clothesline at the ready, and those pins were both a chore and a game.  Perhaps it is because when I first discovered intentional pain play my partner used this cheap and easy tool for the experimentation.  Perhaps it is because I am an intensely visual woman, and my turn-ons include looking at artistic photography of people in compromising, unbelievable, and challenging positions, and when I worked as a book buyer at a sex store I would spend my bored minutes pouring over the books about pain threshold play enjoying photos of needles, hooks, and people turned into human porcupines with clothespins – people given wings and domino-like trails across their bodies for the pleasure of the designer, the model, the photographer, and eventually myself, the observer.  I would like to know how many pins can be trailed along my body parts, for you to turn my curves and soft skin into three dimensional, kinesthetically punishing art.  I look forward to my slow and painful release at the end, to exhaustion, deep breaths, your tongue and soft hands exploring my sore bits, and your mouth on mine.

~  Your voice turns me on when you are commanding and clear about your own intent and desires.  There is an unapologetic frankness in your tone when you are turned on and telling me exactly what you would like for me to be doing that sends all questions, all arguments, and any extraneous thoughts out the window bringing my brain and instincts clearly into the moment.  I want to be good for you in those moments.  I want to be exactly what you need for further inspiration and play.  I would like to encourage space for that confidence to grow in you.  Thinking about this turn-on further, I would like for you to plan an evening out or prepare space for your desires to play out as you wish them to before we meet.  I would like to know I am walking into your space, your plan, your evening earlier in the day.  I would like to know in advance how to prepare myself (body, mind, heart, headspace).  I would like to come to you willing.

~  Taking a few classes in rope bondage is an activity I would like to share with you.  I know rope is a new interest of yours, and I would like for you to have the practice and understanding to tie me as you wish, to pour the intention and detail into your work that I know you enjoy in the endeavors that make you happiest.  You are a geek at heart and it is one of the things I love and respect most about you (not to mention one of the things that gets me going most easily when you express your knowledge and passion about whatever subject you know a lot about when it’s at hand).  I am happy to be your bottom during class, though if you would rather find a group of your own to grow legs in outside my presence, I understand.  If you would like me to attend with you as a compromise to that process, you can direct me to be silent as you learn in your own way and on your on terms (I know how vulnerable the learning process can be).

There are a million more ideas I have, though these are the first three to reach out and grab me.  I look forward to our continued play, passion, growth, love, and understanding of one another as we figure out what this relationship is; what these dynamics amount to in our hearts and practices.  You make me smile, my love, you make me flutter.  I hope this letter finds you satisfied and inspired.

~ Yours.


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