Hersake Project

Female Ejaculation. Photo by DeBaer

Female Ejaculation. Photo by DeBaer

A friend recently sent me a link to the Hersake Project happening now in San Francisco.  It is an amazing project, I will apply one of these days, you should definitely check it out too…

The Hersake Project is supported by some of my favorite sex-positive teachers, people who I’ve looked up to and been inspired by since I was a young budding sex geek myself: Annie Sprinkle, PhD and Carol Queen PhD.

The project is is an ongoing videotaped study of how women like to be touched sexually, specifically about how women like to get off.  A website is being built which will post interviews from as many women as they can find talking about what works for them, and some of these women will be videotaped giving demonstrations of their techniques as well.  The idea is to demystify the female body and female pleasure in as many ways as possible.

The website is for anyone and everyone interested in learning more about how women’s bodies work sexually and orgasmically.  One day perhaps, people – regardless of genitalia – will be more equally apt to orgasm (should they desire to) from any given sexual encounter.  This project aims at helping close our current gap in that unequal reality.

As “the cause” page on their website starts out:

The sexual revolution is not over.

The taboo and lack of open conversation about women’s sexual pleasure has had far reaching effects.

It has kept the world from understanding that different women like very different things.
It has kept women from realizing how they attain sexual pleasure.
It has kept sexual partners from approaching pleasure as something to figure out together.
It has caused shame, lack of confidence, and disconnection from ourselves and our partners.

So…  check out the project, maybe fly there yourself to get interviewed, help people in our society know more about female bodies and pleasure, or just sign up on their mailing list and tune in when it’s time to read what’s been posted.  I think this project is really exciting.  Spread the word.

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