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I haven’t officially started this blog site up yet, but I figured since I was quoted in an article today, I should share:  consider my pre-game on!  Aaaannnnnd since I’m kinda sorta publishing on a Wednesday (only a day late), I’m going to say that this article counts as a semi-official “Perspectives On Kink” entry, which will be popping up every Wednesday once we officially go live.  Wednesdays are the days ABC gets in touch with the community at large through interviews with teachers and professionals in the scene, transposing conversations on kink, the occasional advice column, and even word-on-the-street opinions for you to ponder.  Wednesday is your opportunity to look at what people in and out of ‘the know’ think about kink!  So, enjoy my thoughts below, and see you next time…


PassionateU Logo: Click and Sign UpRecently I was interviewed about Cuddling (more eloquently known as “Sensual Touch”) for an article published by Passionate University!  They are a great site to check out if you’re interested in learning more about the building blocks of sex positivity, communication, romance, and relationship negotiations. I’m glad for my voice to be a part of their work.

The people at Passionate U are some of the same sexy people who created the Kink Academy too – a lovely group of kinky thinkers who are marvelous to learn from no matter what your level of experience or the content of your interest.  I highly recommend (and myself use) this site for learning new skills and gaining insights in Kink.

Kink Academy Logo: Click and Sign Up

If you happen to enjoy either of these sites enough to sign up for a membership, click one of the logo links I’ve provided in this post to get you to the membership page, and you’ll not only be getting a membership, but you’ll end up supporting THIS VERY SITE (ABCs Of Kink) as well.  I’m an affiliate of these groups, so if you sign up through one of my links, yours truly Mr. Webb Blog-Writer will get a reward for the introduction.  Thank you in advance for your consideration and support.

In summation, here’s to reading my words of wisdom on the big “C” (cuddling, you big perv), to checking out a couple of really great websites while drinking a glass of something divine, to learning all the things, to having fun in new and sexy ways, and to remembering that if you’re on board for membership that you can help out this very project in the meantime (just one logo-click away)!

You can read the article I’m interviewed in right here:  Cuddling and Sensual Touch from the Passionate U…

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