Creating the Kinkster’s 25 Hour Day

Need to eat on your lunch break, but also have a friend in need of some attention? Time to make it work!

There are only so many things one can do in a day, so doubling up necessary and fun tasks might be the best way to organize one’s life (what’s that saying about bushes and bird fisting?)… I have to find an apartment for me and my pupboy by the 1st (yes, that’s in remarkably few days). I am also directing a show in its rehearsal stages, just got back from a busy trip South, am currently essentially a teenage boy hormonally with no ability to focus on anything other than sex at times, I’m trying to catch up on this here blog, and am dating a few wonderful people to boot… Headache. I’d nap, but insomnia too.

One of the newer people I’m dating is a service oriented submissive. He needs some regular attention as we learn each other better and build our dynamic up, and the only way that can be achieved is through having some hours together, hours I don’t really have. Along with my lack of an apartment for him to visit, or a place to ask him to come to and tidy up for just reward, we’re at a tiny bit of a disadvantage. Of course, instead of attending to this blossoming relationship I really need to be driving all over the state looking at apartments (and I would prefer not to drive my huge ass van all around to get it done), grrrr… hmmm… I have an idea!

I’ve just decided to take on a service sub chauffeur! Perfect for all one’s errands about town: they’ll get you where you want to go while you can get work done on your trip and enjoy the perk of being turned on by the usefulness of that thing in the corner you just trussed up with clothespins for the ride. Being with the sexy usefulness (useful sexiness?) of a person who is ordered to please you for their own pleasure is very nice. Getting my work and errands done with the support of my kinky friends: why didn’t I find such solutions oh-so-long-ago?! I don’t even have to feel bad about asking for the help I need, in fact that I ask for help activates pleasure centers in my boi. Win/win! Adding a kink to the chores I need to get done stimulates the feeling that everything we’re doing is sparkly and exciting even though we’re just getting time consuming humdrum essential work done.

What’s even better is that my usual stress about all the things on my plate melts away as I realize how much fun we’ll have, and that I’m not just struggling through all the changes I’m navigating these days alone. I’m striking off multiple lines on my checklist and receiving the rewards of connection with someone I desire to connect with, some fun play injected into my busy day, and the satisfaction (cough *turn on*) of doing the entire thing while also being deviously brim-full of an imp’s favorite thing: mischief.

Maybe when I pause to look at the world in just the right way I’ll discover more rainbows — even on these stressful gloomy gotta-work-a-ton kinda days…

Play On My Friends,
~ Creature

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