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I am writing today laying on a fancy couch in a beautiful house in New Orleans, tired from the Mardi Gras parade yesterday, and looking forward with exhausted trepidation to the big day tomorrow (Mardi Gras proper?). My friends hot tub and recover, and I write. I love this job of mine.

During this tour I made it to Boston for a Valentine’s Day show, and it was specifically requested that I perform my “Ropes” act. I’ve been performing it for 7+ years now, and I always think it’s funny when people want to see a piece I’ve done over and over — especially in a city where people know the range of my repertoire — but I guess signature acts are signature for a reason…

For your viewing pleasure, I submit to you a video from last October when I performed Ropes as a guest in the Seduction Sideshow’s Show. While I could have performed drag or clown or any number of pieces on Valentine’s Day this year, I’m glad my audience and producers have their favorites… Enjoy!

Play On My Friends,
~ Karin

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