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I am currently on tour for about 4 weeks to premiere my new solo show, NO SHAME, in the Asheville Fringe Theater Festival, perform in a Valentine’s Day Burlesque in Boston, and then back down to Asheville for their Asheville Vaudeville event. Interspersed throughout I’m teaching a smattering of kinky workshops in subjects ranging from rope to needles, wax play, and hitty things (oh my). I’ve already added a radio show to my itinerary (which was a blast), hopefully I’ll get a couple more last minute bookings as I push on through, and the trip itself shall be a stupendous success! Check out my Patreon page if you haven’t already to support my work, ticket sales don’t cover a lot, and being a patron directly supports me writing these blog posts and investing in my other artistic projects and teaching opportunities.

As I drive for hours on end until my body is sore, and lug costumes and kink toy suitcases around, and play on stage in front of my audiences and students alike, I have an overwhelming feeling that even without many material resources, I am extremely blessed.

My truest rebellion is baring all. ~Karin

Blessed with communities sprinkled all over the country who are made up of sexy, curious beasts.

Blessed to read emails and open text messages featuring the half-naked or all-naked bodies of friends who are unashamed and sharing just because they feel sexy today.

I am overjoyed that I get to read so many people’s thoughts every day about sex, gender, race, kink, consent, ability, how to be better communities, how to care for one another, how to keep one another safe, how to find ourselves, how to feel alive saying “no” and exuberant in our “yesses”. The list goes on…

I am blessed over the years to have collected (and been collected in return by) groups and individuals experimenting with their understanding of how life works.

Sex workers, conservatives who aren’t prudes, holy sexologists, playful performance artists, shapeshifting satirists, underground art-makers, and teachers are all people who’ve appeared in my life to blow holes in my “I-thought-I-knew-s”… Each appears and adjusts my knowing so that I can learn over and again, always growing…

Without these tonic imps and spirits I would be rigid in my age instead of dancing naked across the country on a stage.

I need therefore I find.

I am blessed from such beautiful needing.

Play On My Friends,
~ Karin

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