Bisexuality for Science!

Pic by AnonMoos

Pic by AnonMoos

There’s this pretty great article in The New York Times that was posted a week ago that I couldn’t put down (while hanging out at a random Christian coffee shop I found in Southern California…  They really were the best cuppa’ in the area, and I hope my continuous comments about male sexual response to lesbian porn was not too off putting to any eavesdroppers within earshot).

Regardless, here it is: READ ME, SERIOUSLY!  or “The Scientific Quest to Prove Bisexuality Exists”

It goes pretty far in depth about how some bisexual activists are trying to create and fund studies that will prove male bisexuals actually exist.  Interesting conversations on the data are outlined, and it all comes down to the oft held observation that orientation, identity, behavior, and sexual response are all different components in the complexity of our understanding of self.  I love the strengthening of this idea…  it is a prevailing reason for my very own being here.

I hope to make art that explores these ideas until there is no more need for such art.

To Breath and Being,
~ Karin

PS:  Ooohhh, also I know one of the people quoted in the article, which is really exciting and should be a revelation to those who live in the Boston area.  We are important damnit, and it’s easy enough to get involved…  For the past couple years I’ve performed in a show called “Bilicious“, which aims to give visibility and entertainment to the bisexual community, and have known quite a few people who have worked for the BRC.  Check it all out.  Consider being out if you’re not, and consider being active if you’re out, Dear Readers.  See you on the flipside.

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